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MF_UMA Mecanim only Rig

UMA Mecanim Files

Male and Female Mecanim only rig for UMA
For using the FBX without needing to use UMA
Rotates the rig in the file to proper orientation in Unity scene. Also adds a non-adjustment version for simpler rigs.
Works with animations etc

How to use:

-Open the UMA Blend file (request)
-Delete the rig in the scene
-Select All and rotate 180
-Apply rotation scale (ctrl+A   rotation/scale)
-File/Append/Navigate to The UMA Mecanim Rig .blend/Object folder/UMA_Male_Rig/
-Select the rig in the scene, then hit A key twice and hit: Ctrl+P /Armature deform
-Export as FBX 6.1 ASCII
-Unity import settings:
scale: 100
Animations: none

ScreenHunter_771 Aug. 11 12.03
ScreenHunter_772 Aug. 11 12.04

ScreenHunter_774 Aug. 11 12.13

ScreenHunter_801 Aug. 17 12.00 ScreenHunter_803 Aug. 17 12.13 ScreenHunter_804 Aug. 17 12.51 ScreenHunter_805 Aug. 17 13.02

2 thoughts on “MF_UMA Mecanim only Rig

  1. This is fantastic, I can’t wait to try this.

    Would you be willing to add the female rig as well?
    Is this the equivalent to the 2.0 rig from the MB1/FB1 series?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi. Fem is added.

      It’s still the default UMA rig. I’ve just changed the orientation and simplified it. Both still have face bones. It would work the same as MB1FB1 and most Mecanim rigs.

      No problem.

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