UMA Sci clothing Pack Vol. 1


Requires Unity 5.6 or higher.

Pack contains 2 plus outfits and 4 outfit re-textures (6 pairs) for Male and female

Files include:
Modular Slots
Modular Overlays
Generated assets
smooth overlay textures
DCS Wardrobe recipes

Outfits parts are:

Outfit 1 (jacket, pants, shortsleeve shirt, Pants, Boots 1)
Outfit 2 (Heavy jacket, longsleeve shirt 1, shoes 1, pants)
Outfit 3 (Heavy jacket, pants, boots, short shirt)
Outfit 4 (Jacket, pants, Boots, shirt)
Outfit 5 (Shirt, Pants, Boots, Heavy Jacket)
Outfit 6( Gloves, Long sleeve shirt, Pants, Boots)

Compatible with MB1 FB1 refits

Out of stock



Version 1.1

-Fixed Outfit 6 Glove clipping and added Outfit 6 F_gloves
–Organized folders , added Blend, tested version conflicts and conformed to HSTLHF set up
-Uses Mesh Hide Assets

Version 1.0

Initial Version Unity 5.1.2


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