What do you sell here?

Exclusive content, re-textures, and some other assets and packs.

Why the new site?

Few reasons:

Instant updates and review times, more control over asset packages

and reduced percentages (other sites take a precentage of each sale. It’s usually 30%)

What’s a monthly freebie?

Could be anything ie.

 weapon, Gloves, boots, upper, lower, and so on

Will you still support the Asset store versions?


How do I install the packages?


-load the required Unity version

-Go to menu: Assets/import package/import custom package

Navigate to the downloaded package and open

(If your using UMA you’ll have to have it pre-installed for the package to work)

Why is my asset not showing in downloads?

Currently there is a download delay if your Paypal email differs from your user email. Once payment is received we will process the order manually.

To avoid delay ensure that your Paypal email and User email are the same.

For any further information contact [email protected] support

Support email

[email protected]

Who runs the site?

WillB with the help of [email protected]