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MB1 FB1 Sci pack 1


MB1 FB1 RPG Starter series

Contains 2 Sci outfits and 2 Sci armors

Compatible with MB1 FB1 Refits

Rig 1.5


Files include:

PBR textures( Albedo, Normal, Metallic, Occlusion)

Sci armors include 2 colors and alpha color guides


Tri counts:
Male clothing:6816
Female clothing: 7397
M_Sci Armor: 8680 tris (with face, eyes, and teeth)
F_Sci Armor: 7840 tris (with face, eyes, eyelashes, and teeth)


Maximum texture sizes are:
2048 x 2048




Product Description

Version 1.0

Unity 5.1.2

Rig 1.5


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